Welcome to The ScentLogix™ Blog

This blog is dedicated to all those enthusiasts, young and old, interested in sharing thoughts, ideas, theories and solutions on topics of interest to ScentLogix™. It is intended to be collegial in nature and a meeting point for enthusiasts, those in academia, industry and government to interact, discuss topics and applications, and build collaborations and partnerships.

Current topics of interest include:

  • The search-and-detect training of canines, and other creatures such as sharks and bees in the detection of drugs, explosives, money, molds and other substances;

  • The use of parent and surrogate scents in both biological and electronic detection;

  • Aspects of behavioral psychology relating to the search-and-detect training of biological creatures; advances in structure odor relationships and the chemistry of scent formulation;

  • Advances on olfaction science, particularly in the physical and chemical interactions of gaseous compounds with mammalian and non-mammalian olfactory processes;

  • Statistical and computing concepts that will simplify or mimic the differentiative capacity of biological olfactory organs;

  • The implementation of lessons learnt in biological olfaction towards the development of logic suitable for the mimicking of the discriminatory capacity of biological olfaction.

Let's converge, to bring forth true ideas and meaning!



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