ScentLogix - the science of scent detection
Components of ScentLogix™ K9 Training ScentKit

Each Detection Kit currently comprises of 1(x2) scent imprint aids, 2 (x1) different types of K9 evaluation aids, 1 box of scent-flow indicating matchsticks to observe true air movements, 1 step-by-step user guide, 1 science-inspired logbook, and 1 aid-protecting outer bag. Product MSDS sheets are also available for online-downloading from our website.


Explosive-scent imprint aid

  • Use to train K9’s in explosives detection.

  • Contains the scent signature necessary for a comprehensive detection capability.

  • 6-month supply.

  • packaged in scent-barrier bags.

Scent Flow Indicator (SFI)

  • To evaluate direction of scent flow.

  • Knowledge of flow direction can be used to resolve K9’s response to odor within areas with unpredictable currents brought about by the configuration of windows, doors and other objects within the area.

  • Non-toxic, does not contain oils or zinc

  • Smoke generated has the same density as air

  • Does not produce any residue

  • Helps the trainer to observe and understand true air movements and flow patterns

Competence Evaluation aids

  • Use to evaluate K9’s knowledge of the scent signature.

  • Serves as a quantitative exam for the K9s ability.

  • Can also be used to test the ability of K9’s not trained on Scentlogix™.

  • 6-month supply.

  • Packaged in scent carrier bags

  • None necessary for TATP and HMTD.

Training Protocol

  • A comprehensive step-by-step training protocol that will help get the best efficiency out of your K9.



  • Contains windows to record graded (/10) rates of K9 interest and alert.

  • Also windows to record other scientific important factors such as humidity, temp, wind velocity, wind direction.

  • Downloadable online.

MSDS Sheets

  • Product materials safety data sheets are downloadable online and can also be requested for to be sent by snail mail.




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