K9 Detection ScentKits Benefits

If scientists collaborate comprehensively with K9 trainers in the use of ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKits, the technology involved can be applied not only to benefit society, but also to benefit mankind through a better understanding of K9s. Some of the benefits of using ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKits are as follows:


Expands training opportunities into other creatures and terrains

ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKit for Explosives and Narcotics Detection provides such a broadband scent signature of primary odor components that it is also appropriate for the training of other terrestrial creatures with good olfactory sensitivity and search-and-detect-capability. Such creatures can include those with olfactory configurations comparable to K9's - such as beavers, to those with completely different olfactory configurations - such as bees. It can also be applied towards the training of aquatic creatures innately endowed with superb olfactory capabilities, in the detection of chemicals within water. ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKit for Explosives and Narcotics Detection can also be configured for training aquatic creatures with search-and-detect potentials such as the catfish, great white shark, and dolphins, to detect the presence of chemical materials present within water bodies. Such chemicals might range from explosives to chemical pollutants…even shipwrecks.

Train on one scent, detect many types of explosives

Most explosive compositions used as explosives normally consist of a combination of two or more explosive compounds. Due to the formulation of ScentLogix™ K9 scents, a K9 trained on one type of ScentLogix Imprint Aid will be able to detect the presence of that explosive within any multicomponent explosive composition. Thus by simply training your K9 on ScentLogix™ K9 TNT ScentKit your K9 will detect all the explosive compositions that contain TNT as a main component. This expands the range of detectable chemical explosives to over 100 different kinds of explosive configurations from all over the world. Please click here for some of the explosives within the extended range of explosive compositions covered by ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKit for Explosives and Narcotics Detection.

Introduces new paradigms to scent-detection science

ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKit for Explosives Detection is the world's first tool for K9 detection that enables the development of standards and theories that can be used to qualify degrees of K9 efficiency at different detection levels, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Up until now, trainers have imprinted k9s with materials which even they do not know what the K9 are supposed to smell, so, how can we expect K9's to know? ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKit for Explosives Detection Imprint Aids provide a consistent scent signature that will allow K9 to quickly figure out what it is they have to smell. Also, the evaluation aids provided within each ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKit for Explosives Detection provides the trainer with a quantitative way to ensure that imprinting of all the components of the ScentLogix™ K9 Scent Imprint Aid have been learnt by the K9 and not just components assumed by the K9.

These unique properties puts the training process, at last, in the hands of the trainer, as the trainer now has tools to measure the success of his training program., can prove that the K9 has learnt and what needs to be learnt. Furthermore the trainers also has the tools to asses and certify the competence of K9s from other training centers, since as Evaluation Aids can also be used for measuring the extent of scent signature recognition by a trained K9. With ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKit for Explosives Detection as a training tool, the art of biological detection becomes a real science, and advances in K9 detection can start to benefit from the amalgamated activities of people from different fields of science.

Enables effective training in a variety of climatic conditions

The nanotechnology based process used in the manufacture of ScentLogix™ K9 series of ScentKits for Explosives and Narcotics Detection ScentLogix ensures the appropriate release of a longlasting scent signature to a research-grade level of consistency, even within training terrains that have extreme conditions of temperature, humidity and pressure. Our products were tested in the hot plains of Arizona to the humid swelter of Florida for verification of proficiency, and they all passed with full marks! We also welcome enquires for the production of these scents for extreme environmental conditions.

Provides a full spectrum of explosive detection scent markers

Looks can be deceiving! Because an explosive material is physically available does not mean that it has a full scent signature. The concentration and chemical nature of scents exuding from an explosive undergoes changes as an explosive ages. It is just like having a fresh hamburger; when it is very fresh you could smell the bun, the mayonnaise, and ketchup and the meat. After a period of time the scent of the bun is lost. This is followed by a loss of the scent of the mayonnaise, then the ketchup, and then the meat….until the burger has practically no scent, but the burger is still there! The question is, "how do we know if the explosive being used for training has a scent signature adequate for the effective training of detector-K9's?" ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKit for Explosives and Narcotics Detection provides detector-K9s with a consistent scent signature, and with an unmatchable profile of scent tendrils necessary to train a detector-K9 in maintaining an unbroken detection trail. With the operational use of ScentLogix ScentKits, the art of detection becomes easier for both trainer and K9.

Allows for realistic training within built-up and civilian environments

Due to its chemical inertness and absolute lack of an explosive or narcotic property, ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKits are not classified as explosives or narcotics and can be transported, handled and stored in the same ways as fragrances. Furthermore, the scent signatures within the ScentKits are completely free of odors that overlap with common consumer products to allow the training of dogs to be more selective, precise and less excitable when deployed in civilian settings. Thus, ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKits can be used with no restrictions in civilian environments and built-up areas to generate more realistic training scenarios.

Will train K9’s to detect all explosive weight equivalents

There has been a common mistake-of-thinking that there is a direct correlation between the physical weights of an explosive, to its scent. This correlation is not quite straightforward, for when dealing with the property of scent, other factors such as the vapor pressure of the components within the material and the surface area provided by the material for its constituent volatiles are more important variables of the material than the weight of the material. One very important variable pertains to the amount of volatile materials within th explosive material. Due to the binary or multi component nature of explosives, most explosives end up with a scent signature comprising of different volatile organic compounds. It is the ratio and intensity of these components within the scent signature of an explosive that is the scent equivalent to differences in weight.

In some instances, the mass of an explosive composition can be so large that the scent(s) of its most volatile component(s) become so overwhelming to a K9's olfactory processes that it becomes desensitized itself to the perception of scent(s). At this level of scent saturation, the low volatile components become the significant explosive markers for detection, as their concentration will now be within the limits of the olfactory threshold of canines, and will provide the scent cone that the K9 will eventually use to seek the detect the explosive. Since each ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKit contains a scent signature that covers the scent of both low and high weight amounts of explosives, the actual weight of ScentLogix™ explosive imprint material used becomes insignificant, as it has the scent quality and profile representative of all weights of an explosive. The use of ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKits for Explosives and Narcotics Detection within a canine training program will lead to the generation of k9s that have been trained on the range of scent tendrils needed to maintain an unbroken detection trail.

Reduces False Alerts

While a human may smell hamburgers at Burger King, a K9 will smell the components of the hamburger. So, it will smell bread, pickles, onions, meat and mayo. However, it will also smell cleaning fluids, volatiles from the hot plastic food packaging, the scent of the person who handled the food, etc. The Scent signature within every ScentLogix ScentKit Imprint Aid has been cleaned up, or "scrubbed," to produce an imprint aid free of scents that overlap with common consumer products. These allows the training of dogs that can be freely used in civilian settings as they will be less excitable when exposed to these odors within the hustle-and-bustle of litigation-prone a civilian setting and produce less false alerts. ScentLogix Imprint Aids can also be specifically tailored to modify and/or reinforce aspects of K9 behaviour and to compliment research and developmental efforts in the olfactory and behavioral sciences.

Available in both parent odor and surrogate odor configurations

In addition to the formulation of scent signatures using primary odors, we are also the world's experts in the formation of structural equivalents of explosive materials that are "non-explosive but odoriferously identical."  These surrogate odors can be used within a biological detection training program or as pseudoscents within R&D activities pertaining to olfaction science.  Furthermore, this know-how can be extended to the development of scents for materials such as narcotics, that are non-physiologically modifying but odoriferously identical.




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